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Code 3 Replicas started out as just a hobby but in 2014 quickly turned into much more than that. Starting out as a kid working on Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars and then gradually moving on to bigger, more complex and detailed models.

Why Code 3 Replicas was started was because of the love of the hobby of building but also as a way to serve those that serve and protect us every day in our communities. In 2015, we started an incentive that if any law enforcement officer in the State of Kansas is killed in the line of duty we would provide, free of charge, two models of their last patrol vehicle with personalized details in honor of them. One going to the officer’s department and one to the officer’s family.

I, myself, have been in law enforcement for several years. I pride myself on running my business with integrity, fairness and honor.

Code 3 Replicas is one of the fastest growing and respected vehicle model replica companies in the United States. We have completed various different departments from all over the United States. Our models are perfect for retirements, collectors and gifts.

Contact us today to start your very own custom police replica model project!

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